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Alison Kinder

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Rondo Viol Academy

Alison founded the Rondo Viol Academy with fellow viol player and teacher Jacqui Robertson-Wade. The RVA runs courses aimed at players of a particular standard, so there are Elementary courses, Intermediate courses and Upper Intermediate courses. There is a small amount of set repertoire for each course, so that people can work out what level they would be most suited to, then everyone is of a similar standard so consorts can be balanced and teaching tailored  accordingly. The RVA is particularly designed to give new players a good way in to consort playing, without going on a week long course and feeling out of their depth for most of it! Many players come on these courses as beginners, and stay until they are very competent players because they like the encouraging but technical approach, and the careful selection of repertoire.

Easter Early Music Course NORVIS Rondo Viol Academy

Ashfold Preparatory School

Alison has taught violin at Ashfold, a lovely prep school in Dorton, rural Buckinghamshire. since 2004. She teaches around twenty five students from as young as 5 right through to when they leave the school at 13.

Warwickshire Youth Waits

This is an ensemble of keen young players of recorders, viols, crumhorns, cornamuse, gemshorns, sackbuts and voices. They play music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods and give concerts in all sorts of places, including at the Greenwich Early Music Exhibition, Southwark Cathedral, the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick and St Mary's Guildhall in Coventry.

Private Teaching

Alison teaches at home in North London and monthly in Goring, between Oxford and Reading. She also travels to almost anywhere for days of teaching and coaching organised by enthusiastic violists who invite all the local players for lessons!

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Forthcoming workshops include A Polychoral Tour of Europe for MEMF, and visits to NWEMF and the Birghton Early Music Festival in the Autumn.